In 2023, I founded Sam jewelry with the aim of introducing precious handmade jewelry from my homeland, inspired by the rich diversity of various cultures and their belief systems. Each piece in my collection embodies a unique expression of joy and happiness. They are destined to accompany and protect their wearer – whether it’s you or someone you love – from generation to generation.

Samira Hamidi

This online store is a childhood dream of mine. Even as a child, I was fascinated by beautiful jewelry, especially the necklace that my father gave to my mother as a gift. This necklace was enchanting and exuded a special elegance. As I grew older, it became my dream to serve my community. Hence, the idea of creating jewelry was born. Today, I am proud to present precious jewelry from my homeland to you. Wearing Sam jewelry means embracing your innermost values like a second skin, connecting with the world around us, and discovering new cultures through artful design. Each handcrafted piece is a vessel for a unique soul, carefully crafted to shine through generations.

Our Commitment

We believe that our jewelry is a connection to the earth, and every hand in between. Our materials are sourced as sustainably as we possibly can, focusing on recycled materials to reduce our role in today’s commercial mining practices, and on fair trade materials that provide positive impact to responsible mining communities from around the globe. Our jewelry strives to support an entire chain of people, with careful sourcing, planning, and learning — a complex process we work on every day. 


Sam Jewelries is a medium for connection. To ourselves. To heart of the nature. To the people we love. And to the ones we may never meet yet touch our lives in exceptional ways.

Sam Jewelries was created with the ethos that we share a responsibility to respect the human rights of all people and to honor the value and beauty of earth’s natural resources through responsible business practices. From the foundation of our business, throughout our supply chain, and beyond- Sam Jewelries aims to make every connection meaningful.


Female owned, led, and run – Sam Jewelries recognizes women’s economic empowerment as essential to building stronger communities and achieving international goals for sustainability and development. Sam Jewelries provides opportunities for employment, growth, and leadership for women throughout our supply chain and within our local community.


By keeping production local, Sam Jewelries is able to oversee all elements that go into making our handmade jewelry – ensuring the integrity and quality of each piece. This control enables us to keep our carbon footprint low and make environmentally responsible decisions, like replacing toxic substances typically used by jewelry manufacturers with nontoxic, natural substances.

Local production allows Sam Jewelries to support our local economy by returning more of our revenue to the community each year than what is possible through outsourced production. We source materials from responsible mining models that encourage local production and value addition at the source to encourage local economic development in these communities as well.


When sourcing new material, we’re most passionate about transparency around working conditions at the source, because this allows us to actively rethink age-old colonial systems that left the people at the source of materials most vulnerable. We buy from the few pioneers of fairtrade gemstones in the industry, and work directly with the miners to preserve the provenance of our jewelry and prioritize social development with the communities at the source. As such, we design collections around fairtrade, positive impact sources that help communities break out of poverty and flourish over time.


All jewelry and Gemstones are made with care and perfection. We always strive to make high quality jewelry whether it’s sterling silver or gold. We conduct ourselves in an honest, trustworthy and ethical manner at all times.


Every design process is a new adventure with endless possibilities. We want to think outside the box and never settle for the easy choice.


All our products have life time guarantee of their originality and natural. We care about our customers and strive to meet any need.

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